Google to the Rescue!

Google has become such THE giant that you can practically encircle the G in a superhero-like logo. The company has done plenty of things for us and since it’s the most popular kid in the Internet, we choose to stick to it. But now it seems that the 100-zero denomination is not only our hero, it’s Nokia’s as well.

For quite some time now, Nokia has seen the wrong end of success. After being at the top of their game and owning most of the cell phone market share during the 1990’s, their race for leadership is no longer a race for them. As soon as the smartphone fever hit the planet, Nokia’s attempt to catch up with the trend was unbearably found wanting.

Even with their campaign “Almighty Music” with their smartphone release, iPhone, Blackberry and even Android have overtaken their spot. Their operating system is not as friendly or practical as the others. So, at this stage of their company’s life cycle there are only two options: sell & die “gracefully” or reinvent themselves.

But how would such a proud and once-glittering brand come out the back door like that? Impossible! Finally, Nokia realized pride would take them no where, and so they are now shopping for the highest bidder as far as operating system goes. A choice between Windows 7 for smartphones or Android. Read more –>

With the latest news on Android now overshadowing iPhone sales, perhaps the wisest idea would be to adopt Google’s system and let itself (Nokia) be rescued. Experience + Innovation = Success 🙂