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Value vs The Illusion of Value


What is the real difference between actual value and the illusion of value? How can you tell the difference when you are an unsuspecting customer who is looking to outsource a service or product? This is a very common dilemma, … Continue reading

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Are you an Entrepreneur? Improve your Productivity


As an entrepreneur, you have to wear [too] many hats in your startup in order to get things done. When you’re starting out, you need to cover all the basic areas to get your business to launch properly, and keep … Continue reading

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Keeping it Personal


Ever heard about personal marketing? It may sound cheap, or something that only people with an agenda would do. But, really; stop and think about it. What’s really so wrong with personal marketing? After all, great ideas can be used … Continue reading

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Using Instagram for Your Business


More than just a selfie picture, Instagram – when used properly- can enrich your online community. When you are a brand or a business, there’s plenty Instagram can do for you. If you’re like me, then you’ve been wondering how … Continue reading

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Road MX 2012


It’s been said several times that Guadalajara is the Mexican Silicon Valley. During the mid 90′s this was just starting out to be a catch-phrase for foreign investment in the city. It was nicknamed so because large companies like IBM … Continue reading

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The Economic Machine Finally Flourishing


After entire eras of being blocked from the world with internal ideologies and economic systems, China started the greatest economic growth ever recorded in history. It wasn’t long ago when foreigners turned to look at the Red Dragon for business … Continue reading

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Team Work: On and Off Site


Henry Ford’s individualist and task based model has been long left in the past. Today, team work is the way the modern business world goes round. Countless books have been written about working styles and interaction within a professional team … Continue reading

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A Working Culture Apart


Working cultures around the world are very different from one another, but the most common one is to have a fixed weekly schedule, (normally 9am-5pm) with a lunch break. Sitting down in front of a computer, with no access to … Continue reading

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Frenemies: Finance & Marketing


How do you solve the age old intracorporate fight between departments? Marketing departments build up a circus to call or preserve clients and Finance just wants numbers. A marketer would say they’re holding back, a financier would say they’re overestimating … Continue reading

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