Broadcast Interrupted

Article first published as Broadcast Interrupted on Technorati.

With so many partnerships and technological tweaking between social networks, apps and plug-ins it’s hard to keep track of how many real input you have as a company.

It happens more often than not with big companies. Google just recently had to stop real time search for a couple of days or so so they could renovate their partnership with Twitter. According to an article published on Search Engine Land, Google is now open to new partnerships with other providers, not just Twitter.

Several other examples include agreement expiration. It makes you wonder whether its intentional to stop all broadcast or they simply forgot about it. The Twitter – Google partnership’s expiration was not pre-announced , perhaps so not to give out a window of opportunity to competitors?

What about the recently launched Facebook-Skype partnership? It’s brand new, practically out of the oven, but will it ever have an expiration date? Will there be a point in which regret is reached? Like back in 2000 when Google partnered with Yahoo! and even included the exclamation mark on its logo. What happened next? The exclamation mark came off. Years later did they announce the partnership back on in 2008 as reported on Submitedge.

To be fair, partnerships are created and terminated for the sake of progress. Perhaps at times it’s no longer profitable for at least one of the parties. As in Google’s case with G+, several critics say that Twitter should watch out, for G+ may take over their 200-million-tweets-a-day business; a figure reported by Twitter itself. So yes, for better or for worse, there comes a point where their joint broadcast will always be interrupted.

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