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Road MX 2012


It’s been said several times that Guadalajara is the Mexican Silicon Valley. During the mid 90′s this was just starting out to be a catch-phrase for foreign investment in the city. It was nicknamed so because large companies like IBM … Continue reading

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The Web Writes History in a Different Way


History has always been a compilation from people’s memories, a few portraits, photographs, diaries and mostly delicate artifacts that have been left behind after people pass away. We can only gather what little clues we get and build a story … Continue reading

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The HP Fever… and Not the Computer Brand


There are two options: you either thought about Hewlett Packard or Harry Potter. What did I think when I saw the letters posted on most of the social networks I’m in? I’ll leave that for you to guess; hint: I … Continue reading

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Life in the Time of Vampires


[youtube=] Not even Anne Rice or Bram Stoker could possibly compete with this trend. Although both are years apart from one another, and their success is worth quoting for times to come, Vampire Fever has never been as vibrant as … Continue reading

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Reached by 10 Different Media


Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, today is my birthday. It’s not even 1pm and I’ve already been very fortunate to be congratulated by friends, family and coworkers. But it’s not that I’m writing this entry to brag about it to the … Continue reading

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A Weekend Offline


I’ve heard several people say they would log off the e-world just to get some other perspective, at least for a little while. Lately, doing that is nearly impossible, because even though you may be away from your computer, smartphones … Continue reading

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The Easter Bunny 2011


Another week where people just go crazy about. Whilst many cry “crisis time!” Many others, including some of them can’t wait for this week to start. At least as far as Mexico is concerned, every single person is waiting for … Continue reading

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60 min with Google’s CEO


I was sitting comfortably, reading a book on Wednesday night when my phone rings. It was my best friend, “care to join me at Google’s CEO conference tomorrow morning (Thursday)?” The words didn’t quite make any sense in my mind, … Continue reading

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Writing it Up for Maroon 5


What do we know Coke for? The great black drink that will probably come in any event you have; the Polar Bear commercials around the holidays; the representation of the Santa Claus version the Western world knows today. It’s brand … Continue reading

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On St. Patty’s Day…


Personally, I’m not a gamer. I haven’t been since I was about 12 and Nintendo 64 was the hit of the moment. But I look at my guy friends today and they’re mostly crazy over Xbox (to play Halo), Wii … Continue reading

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