Writing it Up for Maroon 5

What do we know Coke for? The great black drink that will probably come in any event you have; the Polar Bear commercials around the holidays; the representation of the Santa Claus version the Western world knows today. It’s brand equity is number one in the world with a value of almost $70 billion dollars.

Among other events and sponsorships the brand does on a daily basis, altruism is part of Coke’s marketing strategy as well. The latest one is its joint efforts with Maroon 5 in order to support Africa with a Clean Water project. This March 22nd, the band will be broadcasting live on all social networks to hear people around the world about their ideas and talent to write up a new song. So, this song will be co-written by literally the citizens of the world.


See what crowd sourcing can bring? On a daily basis, crowd sourcing is always present. Even the CAPTCHA codes at the end of an online registration is a form of crowd sourcing. Why would something like that be considered crowd sourcing? Many cases involve people trying to digitize old texts, thus they provide you with a word in that text and it automatically gets digitized.

It’s a cheap way to raise resources in a quick and very efficient way. It’s like they say, 2 heads are better than one, 5 are better than two and so on. Altruism is no exception.

Eco Trends Getting Stronger

It seems that recycling and separating your trash at home has taken a whole different meaning from not so long ago until now. Sure, I remember when we were kids, at school they would teach us how to recycle; they would make us draw possible logos to save water (yeah, even then I had a tooth for marketing). Of course at the time you would get excited because of the activity’s dynamism and well, your family would only throw “yay’s” in the air just to make you think they actually knew what you were talking about. Indeed, I’m talking about things that happened 15 years ago or so.

Just now has it taken a real, profound meaning on what it is to be “eco-friendly”. Of course, for many it is only a Social Responsibility campaign enterprises might take onto just to be socially accepted. But going deeper, there are larger movements, organizations and even former politicians joining in.

In a few days, “Earth Hour” will once again break record on the biggest globally social movement in history. Turning off all your power for an hour (from 830pm to 930pm local time on March 26th). But what happens after that hour? They ask. People will still use their cars to go to work, their super power pulling fridges and so on. And so to keep the spirit going not just for 60 minutes, they are inviting people to do at least something small, because all together, well, it adds up. http://mashable.com/2011/03/16/earth-hour-social-media-push/ And well, what better way to do that by linking the whole world’s population but social networks?

On a more political scope, it’s kind of ironic that being the US one of the few countries that has not signed the Kyoto Agreement, former Vice President Al Gore is trying to turn things around in American ideology. In fact, in just a few days, he’ll be inaugurating an “Eco Friendly” Symposium here in Guadalajara at Tec de Monterrey. (Check on the article… it’s in Spanish by the way http://www.3ersector.org.mx/sitio/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2306:inaugurara-al-gore-congreso-en-el-tecnologico-de-monterrey-campus-guadalajara&catid=2:2010&Itemid=5 ) And here are some of the things he’s been working on lately http://www.algore.com/about.html

Even the documentary field has been taken upon with this subject. As I mention on a different post “Zeitgeist” tries to change things that aren’t working so well in our world into more efficient lifestyles for both the planet and society at large. On the last movie in the trilogy, ecological standards are pulled under the scope and logical, very doable solutions are proposed.

Ecology is no longer just a subject you had to pass in elementary school. It’s THE trend at this moment. Let’s just hope it’s not a fad and it becomes finally into the global lifestyle for good.

If Lady Gaga can do It… You can too

Even though the original idea was not to be a hub for global entrepreneurs and brands as seen on “The Social Network”, Mark Zuckerberg definitely got more than he bargained for; and even that is an understatement. Anyway, Every time you log on any kind of social network, you can never get enough of the advertisements. But what’s more, for the first time since the “Mad Men” era in the 60’s, people are beginning to like ads again, even look for them.

Of course media has changed. You actually subscribe for a daily coupon to be sent to your inbox on a daily basis. But then again, what makes this innovation so attractive? You feel that people get you. That you don’t have to put up with the fabulous shampoo commercial when you are not a woman if you are a guy or with the strong deodorants if you are a girl.

Entire campaigns can be designed in under 5 minutes by a regular Joe. (Although of course this piece of information is not that nice for us community managers). Access and adaptability are key. In Lady Gaga’s case, when she was taken on as a young featuring artist by a digital marketing firm, was launched into immediate success using mainly social media.

When you feel you are understood, you feel less likely to download illegally and more curious about visiting the artist’s original collection. (Read full article http://thenextweb.com/media/2011/03/15/the-secrets-of-lady-gagas-social-media-success/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+TheNextWeb+(The+Next+Web+All+Stories))

So yes, it’s not a big secret, if Lady Gaga can do it, you can too.

The Geek Icon: SJ

How do you know you are a tech loving person? (Otherwise known as a Geek) Well, if you read this post’s title and know who I am talking about, I think we both know the answer. In the age where geek is the new cool, what once held iconography in music, such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Lady Gaga, in the world of tech savvy individuals, Steve Jobs is the ultimate hero.

Having the charismatic allure of a leader, Steve Jobs can make a grandmother purchase his new iPad… wait, somebody else already thought of that one, and who knows, it might even be true. Just like on this comic strip, “Granny vs. Steve Jobs” http://voices.allthingsd.com/20110304/granny-vs-steve-jobs/?mod=ATD_rss Although reason kicks in first, the underlying purchase decision rises as soon as Steve Jobs starts out with his selling speech. Let’s face it, who can resist a great business sell like that?

For a geek today, entering Apple headquarters would be the equivalent of a child going into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Imagine the gadgets around! I’ve very much seen real concern among some of my friends regarding Mr. Jobs’ health. Where would the chocolate-y magic go without its Willy Wonka? Where would Apple magic go with its Steve Jobs?

Let’s hope for the best for his health. In the meantime, let’s just sit back and enjoy the wow factor in his sessions. I’ll leave you with one just here–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBhYxj2SvRI Enjoy!

Jeff Jarvis the New Thomas More?

In this century, or rather, in this millennium, we have come to understand and perhaps even witness the rise of a new economic model. Perhaps it might be a little too fantastic for your taste, but have you seen Zeitgeist, Addendum? The second film in a trilogy, explains the flaws of the capitalist world, not in a communist or socialist way, but in a technological way. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it completely free online (http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/) after all, it would be contradictory if they charged to watch it; you’ll get the point once you’ve seen it.

Technology based companies are the biggest most notable examples that this developing economic model is paying fruits. Google is the ultimate “free is the new economic model” as so explains Jeff Jarvis in his book “What Would Google Do?” Other companies like Facebook, Craiglist, Twitter and Lulu.com are also mentioned in his book and in his blog http://www.buzzmachine.com/

Basically, the “free” model means that it is free of charge for any user to search for a service or product. How is it then that these companies turn into million dollar venues? Collective participation of other companies or you can call it advertisement as well. Google AdWords for example, make it available and cheap for anyone to publicize themselves anywhere in the world.

The interesting part of the book, the whole book for that matter, is that Jarvis takes Google philosophy to be applied in any kind of business or situation. He takes it to universities, health systems, traffic, governments, books, you name it. He explains step by step how crowd sourcing or collective collaboration comes out to be the cheapest most efficient system there can ever be. Very much like Zeitgeist or like Thomas More’s “Utopia” written some centuries ago.

Perhaps back in that time people viewed Sir Thomas More as a fool or a wonderful fiction writer, but who knew that through time his ideas would be picked up and perfected. As they say, artists get recognized only after their time on this planet has passed.