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iPhones. Yes, This Year, It’s Plural


It seems that every time Apple has a keynote event, consumers, reporters, bloggers and the rest of the world split right in the middle: those who are loyal to the brand, and those who wish Steve Jobs could make amends … Continue reading

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Road MX 2012


It’s been said several times that Guadalajara is the Mexican Silicon Valley. During the mid 90′s this was just starting out to be a catch-phrase for foreign investment in the city. It was nicknamed so because large companies like IBM … Continue reading

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Flash, iOS 5.0.1 and other Demons


It was a week full of technological developments and some managed to alter the caffeine levels in people’s blood streams. Between Adobe’s killing-flash announcement and Apple’s new iOS release, things are a bit sketchy for the mobile world. First things … Continue reading

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Step Aside Hollywood


[youtube=] Yeah, it’s not exactly the prettiest video I chose to publish here (the annoying orange is indeed annoying… and creepy if I might add) but then again it’s the latest viral option that’s going through the roof in “share” … Continue reading

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Remodeling Journalism


We’ve seen how tablets and computers have taken over printed newspapers. Physical circulation of the news worldwide has come to a point of near obsolesce. News gets to us is so many different ways, we’ve lost count. Everywhere we look now, … Continue reading

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