Music Downloads No More

On the eve of the Internet boom there were dozens of ways to get music. The very first artist impaler “Napster” went crazy in number of users just to get their favorite music for absolutely no cost. Of course I’m talking about a Dial-Up connection era in which downloading a single song could have taken you half an hour or may be even a full one.

As the legal courts of the world fought for artistic copyrights against Sean Parker, others just like him had a window of opportunity… the legal system was just too busy looking at the Big Bad Wolf when all these little pups came out for a sip of the good stuff.

Now, sites like The Pirate Bay, Kazaa (oh if you will), LimeWire and so many others have seen doom come down on them. Legal downloads and a cultural turn of heart were on the rise during the later half of the twenty first century’s first decade.

But wait, don’t we still get music for free? Yes. How? Well, the king of video sharing all over: YouTube. True, this server or host if you will, is fully developed on the Internet, but now mobiles have direct and fast connections to the Web 2.0 world. Read more –> (

So if you want to have music in your iPhone, Blackberry or whatever other Smartphone you may have while you go out on your morning run, all you really need is to log in to YouTube, and plug in those earphones. Jeff Jarvis was right after all, the “Free Model” is the most generous model for capitalism there is.

And Now Ladies & Gentlemen…

A few changes are going on in general CEO-ship from the big names. Steve Jobs asks for a medical leave without much of an explanation as to the exact reason of his state of health and now, Eric Schmidt is stepping down as CEO and Larry, Google’s co founder will take his place.

Why you say? According to Eric’s public explanation on his blog ( it is only to make decision making faster and much more efficient given the proportion of the organization’s exponential size.

Will new leadership contribute to the continuous growth of names like these? No one likes changes, but perhaps a change is what is needed so not to fall into a glitch.

Age is not an Enemy of the Internet

When the word “Internet” is pronounced, immediately the image of a college student or a teenager comes to mind with some sort of gadget within that person’s hands. But that’s just the stereotype. A much wider variety of people are internet users. Executives, entrepreneurs, young and old, it doesn’t matter.

Internet is becoming friendlier and more holistic every second that goes by. In Germany, a recent study was released in whcih 83% of the 40-65 year-old population thinks that being involved in Social Media is the only way to stay in contact with friends, business partners, and general know-how in the world.

In fact, there are concepts such as that are online clubs that accept only 40+ members to link all of their social media together. Just by reading this post and by being 40+ you fit this description. Remember, you are also a part of the Internet Community, explore it!

Reach Out & App Me

In this my 100th post, I want to talk about something special and amazingly impacting, so here goes. Technology since the beginning of the Homo Habilis has come a long way from a simple rock used to smash things and get fed. The point in technology, however rudimentary it may seem, is to get things done faster, quicker and easier. Thanks to these qualities, productivity and high life quality have progressively grown. Lately, exponential seems to be the only right adjective to the evolution provoked by instantaneous improvements.

So what’s the IT thing? (notice the Information Technology acronym) Well easy, apps. You may have heard of the song “There’s an App for that”. The very motif of an application is — yes you guessed it– make things faster, quicker, easier and NOW… within your reach.

Take Foursquare for example. You check in and let your friends know that you are recommending and enjoying the  place you are visiting. You no longer  have to go and try out food, guessing whether it is good, bad, tasty, expensive or whatever other surprise you might find.

This trend of Mobile Applications is only applicable in Smartphones. Then again right now, internet users connect more through their mobiles than through a regular Desktop or Laptop. (Read more on this trend Mobility is the new computer, your new best friend.

The US and the UK may be the leaders, but this trend is going all over the place. Here’s an example of a fan page dedicated to Mobility and Technology –>

While the Cat’s Away…

For the second time Apple’s famous and efficient Steve Jobs has asked for a medical leave. Unfortunately, as for the same health issues as he suffered last time, Mr. Jobs has had the imminent need to step aside to catch his breath before showing the world his next mind blowing rocket pitch.

Whilst some speculate on how this situation may be caused by a biological rejection of his liver transplant or a come back from his cancer, the point is, Mr. Jobs is taking a much needed break.,0,2783549.story <– Read More about it.

Now, this may sound harsh, but in the business world, Microsoft’s alliance with HP may not have occurred in a more appropriate time. Whilst this alliance was definitely done (among other reasons) to build a stronger wall against the competition — cough, cough– the tipping point might just have come with a medical leave on the other side. (Read more on the alliance at )

So, will the mice come out and play? Let’s see how both parties plan out the exit — or entry– strategy on the time being.

Hey World! I’m Here!

Recently I got a video on my inbox about New Year’s resolutions. I thought at first it was about losing weight, eating healthier, working out more, you know, the usuals. But then I hit play and it was something entirely different.

You know all the campaigns of anything is possible while you mean it. Well of course, that’s just stating the obvious. But HOW? That question is almost never answered. But this video taught me a little about the How. If you don’t make yourself visible to others, no one is going to guess you are even breathing the same air on the same planet as they are.

Shyness becomes your enemy. Passiveness it’s just watching your life go by. It’s even funny if you think about it, but when you are walking down the street, for example, you don’t really notice people. You know there is a mass walking by, but you don’t notice the individuals. You only do if they are doing something out of the ordinary, or dress in a more eccentric way etc. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying you should become the next weird thing, Just think outside the box.

Now, here’s the How instead of the What. Go the extra mile. If people are delivering upon a deadline, make it earlier. If people jog 15 minutes every morning, do 100 sit ups extra. If people eat burgers, eat a salad instead. Just do details differently and you’ll notice in no time how you are finally saying Hey World! I’m Here!


The Bounce Effect

In the Pre-Internet era a job looked sort of like this: 9 to 5, breaks off for lunch for an hour, comes home every weekday looking tired, grabbing home made dinner, but most importantly, climbs up a corporate ladder in the SAME company for years.

Nowadays, a job is not secure, at least in a working useful lifetime, it’s not. Whether it is from the employee’s part or the company’s, in this part of the twenty-first century, a person may have on average 7 to 8 different jobs in different companies.

Why does this happen? Is economy really that bad? Well… it may be a factor, but only in troublesome times. What about the rest of the time? People simply change workplaces because developments occur on a daily basis. More modern and updated job descriptions come into the scene every time. Who can fill these positions out? Perhaps a recent university graduate who knows perfectly well what he or she is dealing with.

But what about the rest of the population? People still need to update themselves. So in the struggle for immediate and continuous adaptation, people see themselves in the need of upgrading, changing or simply having new jobs.

Even more so, because of known skill, other companies may come to employees from a similar or opposite enterprise and try to hire them. Just like Sundar Pichai’s case. A Google based engineer who is most wanted by Twitter. (See article: )

Skills are important. It’s not just to get better, is to be appreciated and solicited. Think Better.

Shhh! Techs @ Work

Undoubtedly, one of the key factors to launching a successful product or service is secrecy. However, the more famous the brand is, the more difficult it is to keep that secrecy strong. Curious media and tempted employees can only make the process a little more complicated. Therefore, first of all, what a company needs is trustful staff that are fully committed to their workplace and its ideology.

All the other stakeholders in the situation at hand can either help by doing wonders or damage the situation beyond repair. So you see? The process is ever so delicate.

Public stock bindings and other regulations for example,  may represent an obstacle in order to withstand confidentiality. Such is the most recent example of Apple and the petition that was made to them to publish a succession process for anyone in the company (preferably referring to Steve Jobs) See here

Of course, in order to protect the near sanctity of confidentiality and still keep that stronghold of advantage over competitors, a most definite (yet apologetically) “NO” had to be responded. If we don’t have some sort of privacy, be it personal or corporate, how can we protect ourselves in the end?

Uh oh… Logo Alert!

A few months ago, Gap decided it was a great idea to change its logo. And so they did, and then the aftermath came. Thousands of fans around the globe criticized the logo until it was well under mud and dirt. Gap had to quickly respond to fans’ reactions moving back to the old, classic logo.

Starbucks just announced a change in its own logo. Going from the Siren encircled by “Starbucks Coffee” in green and white patterns, the Coffee Giant is losing the encircling letters only to leave the Siren. Will this be a smart move? May be it will be just a matter of people getting used to the idea. Still, unlike the Gap and the proposed simple Helvetica letter cases, Starbucks still would maintain the originality  of the character that accompanies our cup every morning.

It also comes back to the ever changing Facebook profiles. A few months go by until there’s a new distribution to Facebook, fans and users go up in a roar, and then a few weeks passed, everyone’s happy again. After all, changes are always hard to digest, but will this compromise Brand Equity for Starbucks? It seems it already has. Today’s Starbucks stock price went down 0.40% Let’s just see how they manage to get back up.

Celebrities Born in YouTube

For ages, if you wished to be a celebrity you had to prove your talent through an endless number of castings, having a friend or two in high places and hoping just for a lucky strike. Today, one of the new ways to hit the star boulevard is YouTube. Yes, perhaps you may also be noticed on reality shows, like Susan Boyle’s case on “Britain’s Got Talent”, but for the sake of technological and a bit less scandalous readership, I’ll stick with YouTube for now.

Lilly Allen the singer, was discovered because of her homemade videos posted on the site. Imagine, a million dollar artist now had a background on a 3 minute presentation. Let’s just say it was her Rocket Pitch to the big record companies out there. I’m sure then that there are several positions in record companies just ready to check out daily postings on YouTube and discover the next great voice or actor.

There’s even a whole platform connecting these “YouTube Celebrities” (as they call it) to Facebook. The “AppRats” describe in this video how they developed the whole project in order to be more easily discovered and broadcasted to the world.

You feel like showing your vocal gifts to the world? Start recording!