The Shortest Fads Around

At today’s speed rate in all things (technology, fashion, politics, etc) fads aren’t uncommon at all. In fact, it seems no that fads are more long lived than other subjects at matter. The shortest fads around are the ones offered by Twitter’s hash-tags.

Anything twitters feel like talking about in under 140 characters are changing every second. For example, the highest talked about hash-tag was #lessambitiousmovies reportes by

From the simplest topics to the most scandalous ones about politics, show business, etc, are discussed even as your red this blog post. Which is why if you are indeed a twitter user, it would be very useful to have a tool just like Tweetdeck or Chromebird. These tools give you a continuous, real-time update about what’s going on with your followers and the users you follow. Who knows? You might come up with a hash-tag of your own and start the contagion.

Networking, Networking, Networking

Isn’t it all about it? Even if it’s about fun & leisure, in order to get anywhere networking is the key. In times passed, it may have been known as mingling, having good relationships, trying out good contact information, but it’s now called networking.

It’s usual (& frankly natural( that you would trust to do business with someone you already know. Someone whose flaws and virtues you know to its fullest extent. No surprises there. You know where that person will fail and where will that person succeed.

Even if it is a recommended person, someone whom you’ve never met before, but someone from your “circle of trust” has linked you both, you are more likely to trust than a complete stranger. The Chinese call it Guang Xi’; Mexicans call it “palancas”. You want to get somewhere fast? Network!

Of course, it’s not just about having a good time and telling your new acquaintance all about your business, You have to work hard despite the great advantage that has just been provided to you. The difference? The spotlight is on you. Make it count.

Confidence = Success

It had been a little while since I had last watched a TED talk. Today, being a quiet Sunday with my cup of coffee by my side I decided to pay the website a visit. On the homepage there’s always a spread of the most recent and/or interesting talks. I noticed the one right in the center labeled “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”

Of course I clicked on it right away. The first thought that crossed my mind though was the general thought that the cause of that happening it’s still that we perhaps are in an unprepared society, and to be guilty of charge, I thought right away about the threat we may represent to males.

But watching the video I realized that up to a very large point, I was wrong. What Sheryl Sandberg says in this TED Talk is real. Confidence is Success. Yes, perhaps it has taken us a long time to achieve gender equality, and in some places that is still not happening at all. But truth be told, as long as us women hesitate or doubt about our abilities we will not reach the high points in anything.

As long as you are sure that you can accomplish anything (and as long as that holds true in your mind, anyone can do it) there’s nothing that can stop you. Not just for women, for anyone. Just recently I heard an anecdote about a promotion in a high profile company to a more executive position. The promotion was held up to a vote. Only one person was in disagreement alleging that it would be unfair to promote this person to an executive position without a having at least a college degree. The person is question to the promotion later proofed his abilities to the person who voted against him. There was no choice but to promote him.

All this helped reassuring me that I’m capable of anything. Thankfully, I’ve received a college education, I’m prepared and determined. My new bosses have complete trust in my capabilities to be fulfilled in the job post they selected me to run. They exclusively looked for women to fill out this executive position. Yes, I’m young (a very recent college graduate), I’m a woman and I’m prepared. There’s only confidence to trust on and there will be success.

HBO? Think Again…

For a while, if you wanted to watch a hit series, or the championship boxing fight, a movie that had just been in the movie theater (months before) & most importantly, no commercials as you were watching them, HBO was THE answer. Of course you had to pay considerably higher than regular open TV or than just the regular cable package. Getting HBO was a privilege.

Then again there was also Blockbuster. Recently projected movies would take less time to hit the Blockbuster stacks than HBO. A more modest rent fee was in order than mighty HBO. Now, let’s not forget that we owe several well known phrases from these once-upon-a-timers… Series like Sex & the City (quite memorable) and the phrase “this movie is a Blockbuster”.

Now, as we come back to our time (yes people, it’s the second day of this very promising 2011), Blockbuster is out of business & HBO well, even if it’s still there to be watched, different media have taken over its high place in entertainment.

The new models we’re looking at, like Netflix instead of Blockbuster & Google TV instead of HBO, are even changing as we speak. Even with them being the leaders, we already know that in this era, 15 minutes of fame are more than enough for fads to go a-wall. So, it seems that developments are constant, even where now the idea of Social TV (coming from Social Media) will soon become a reality. Just when you thought your TV had been replaced by either your laptop or your smart phone…

Just as there is an infinity of possibilities to be done in your social network, the same can be applied to your Social Based TV. Like in this article, The phrase “Couch Potato” has perhaps now taken on a new meaning.

2011: Immortality

This video is definitely not new. It was part of a campaign by Johnie Walker “Keep Walking” and won prizes for its creativity and inspirational message. (Watch

Although it’s been a while since its release, I remembered the fantastic message it carries. Immortality achieved by one great thing. As a person you may do thousands or millions of things, but in history, people aren’t remembered for their daily activities; they’re remembered for their finger print on humanity.

Perhaps in many ways we’re all flawed, but what we’ve achieved in the evolution of society has perhaps been evolution itself. Events that mark the end of eras and the beginning of new ones.

The invention of writing split prehistory from history; the printing press, the automobile, computers, networks. So may this 2011 be filled of opportunities to be seized and turned into great things. Achieve immortality!

Shopping Around the World

Today I had a flashback to my year abroad. After welcoming a couple of friends who just arrived from Europe for their own semester abroad, we took them shopping for basic supplies. As we were strolling through the shampoo & soap aisle, they were amazed by the sizes in which all products came. Of course in this continent, at least in the Northern Part, things tend to be at least twice as big as in Europe.

It reminded me of how when I got to be on the other side of the ocean, the first time I went shopping, things seemed just too small. I was used to my 750ml bottle of shampoo when in Europe that would mean industrial size. My mind immediately took me to that Supersize Me documentary that came out a few years back.

As far as Canada, the US and Mexico are concerned, perhaps we’re the only three countries in the world in which people drive around in large SUV’s and trucks. We have the largest bottles, cases, cups and plates. Want half a liter of coffee? It’s right there around the corner. Coffee in Europe is the size of a what a regular espresso would look like for us here.

Perhaps it’s the fact that geographically speaking we’re a much larger continent that has influenced sizes here. In all my travels around the world (not just Europe) has been the same case. Things are much much larger here. No wonder product adaptation becomes a challenge when the Place Mix involves the Americas with another continent.

The Android is coming!

I remember this very old commercial from the 1990’s where a Coke can was boxing a Pepsi can in a ring. Whilst they were trying to kill each other, RC Cola glided along and took advantage of the situation while the big guys were busy. At the moment it was cool, but still nowadays, we know who are still the soda giants.

Today, the boxers are iPhone and Blackberry, and guess who strides along? Android. Although, let me tell you, Android has much more hope than RC Cola had or has for that matter. In this article 2011 will be the year where the “underdog” (notice the quotations to what seemed to have been coming for a while) explodes in the market.

Just this year 8% of iPhone’s share of market was lost to Android. Perhaps this means next to nothing to the big Steve Jobs directed company, but for Android, it was only the beginning. Truth be told, among many programmers, Android’s inter-phase seems much friendlier than Apple’s. The development of applications isn’t as restricted to certain requirements.

Although limitations to programming codes may make Apple a much more exclusive platform, in the end, this is becoming an open source universe. So, is exclusivity the key after all? Anyway, the point is, every one has their own strategy and sticking to it would be the best thing to do for each one.

Ask Google

“Anything you need, you can find in the Internet” I’ve heard been said over and over again by several people. I happen to agree. The funny part is though, that phrase has evolved more and more to “Ask Google”. It’s not just a phrase anymore, it’s advice. It has taken another context nowadays.

“Where can I find specialty food in X place?”, “How to relief flu symptoms?”, “How to lose 10 lbs in 10 days”, “What to cook fast and easily for the Holidays?”, “Where to buy the cheapest?”. These questions go on and on. And although there are special sections to pose your questions such as “Yahoo Answers”, people just type in Google’s address on the site line and ask the search engine.

At this moment, on my night stand lays “What Would Google Do?” a book by Jeff Jarvis. He too mentions the need to ask Google. Not in the same phrase per se, but indeed in how people credit Google to have the greatest knowledge on Earth. The key difference one must always keep in mind is the fact that Google is the ACCESS to knowledge given and posted by millions and billions of people around the planet.

But indeed, after a direction pointer, do ask Google for your inquiries 🙂

Fast-Forward to CEO

Have you noticed? CEO’s are getting younger by the minute, or is it just that to be at the top you no longer need to have gray hair as prerequisite? Of course, all around the planet there is still a long process one needs to go through in order to become a CEO. But lately, with so much entrepreneurship going on due to fast and new technologies, as a twenty something you have the graspable  opportunity to actually skip the whole climbing ladders or going down serpents to get to the top post.

Mark Zuckerberg for example is the youngest billionaire on Earth (surely you saw it as the last sentence coming from the Social Network). Sean Parker, Charlie Rose, Matt Sanchez (co founder of Video Egg); the list goes on and on. What do they all have in common other than young age? Technology & Entrepreneurship.

Someone very wisely told me “there’s no age to a bright idea”. After all, entrepreneurship is a collection of virtues, among which ideas and innovation are key parts. Perhaps not long ago, in order to be respected in the business world, one needed be successful and gray haired. That has changed a bit (except of course for the success part).

What does all of this tell us? Pursue your dream; you do so persistently enough, you’ll be sipping on latte’s in your CEO office before you turn the big twenty-ten.

Christmas Morning

The Night Before Christmas has just left a few hours ago. I opened my eyes to the faded smell of coffee. I went downstairs and as in every Christmas Morning, everything seemed frozen. Not just the season’s chilly weather, but the feeling of last night’s scenes to be held into place without the characters in it present at the moment. Gift wrappings scattered through the tables; gifts exposed; a faint smell of Christmas dinner.

And now, I do not exactly refer to the much needed tidy up every family goes through (usually until the 26th), I mean as if someone had left a camera rolling and flashes start popping up in your mind. I check my phone and some of my Christmas greetings and cheer were responded some new sent to me.

Out for a run now (better get the Santa-like bowl full of jelly tummy out of site). See how frozen the city looks in Christmas Morning just like all the Christmas Mornings. I’ll stop for a click or two of my camera. Merry Christmas everyone!