12 Tips To Building A Successful Startup Community Where You Live

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Excellent read for start up communities from all over the world.

Scribble Away on Google

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Article first published as Scribble Away on Google on Technorati. Lately, there are more practical ways for you to input information on your smaller screens, especially when it comes to Google products. Not only has  for Android been recently released, but now you can scribble on your touchscreen for whatever it is you’re…

Introducing Bottlenose

Article first published as Intoducing Bottlenose on Technorati. Without a doubt, the king of search engines doesn’t need to be introduced. It has become a verb and even an adjective. Google has been top innovation for quite a while now. This said, it also bases search results on keyword relevance and geolocation,…

After a $500,000 Price Tag, Digg is no More

Article first published as After a $500,000 Price Tag, Digg is no More on Technorati. After being born in 2004 as a very promising start up, and taking over $45 million dollars in rounds of investment, Digg has finally come to a halt. It has been sold for merely $500,000 by New…

Three Startups Defending Democracy In America: Votizen, Memeorandum, and NationBuilder

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Perhaps we should take a page from their book

Photo Marketing

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Every day more and more you can notice small changes across the web. There’s no doubt exponential growth is here to stay and well… grow! It’s been a long time since Kotler’s 4 Ps are no longer the magic formula for marketers. Outbound marketing has been long dead. Instead, consumers…

Learning How to Code

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There are several multimillion dollar industries around the world. Some more respectable than others of course. Technology and software development is one of them (the respectable ones that is). In fact, so many people from other fields have turned to look at software development because of its massive growth. Of…

Brands Start Automating Social Media Responses On Facebook And Twitter

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When conversation gets this massive over the web, we can only trust automation

Road MX 2012

It’s been said several times that Guadalajara is the Mexican Silicon Valley. During the mid 90’s this was just starting out to be a catch-phrase for foreign investment in the city. It was nicknamed so because large companies like IBM and HP had settled here instead of Mexico City. Still…

Facebook’s App Center, Switzerland of Apps?

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Facebook’s user volume presents so much opportunities, that a lot of them, perhaps even the Facebook staff or Zuckerberg himself haven’t discovered yet. One of these opportunities was app development and support. It has been done for quite some time now. However, Facebook had much more potential than that. It…