Free Recommended Keyword Ranking Tool

Knowing how your keywords rank is not enough. It is also very necessary to know how your brand, client, site, or product comes up against competitors. MozPro gives you a great way to track up to three of your competitors. But what if you have more than three competitors or sites you want to track? More importantly, what if you want to see who else is ranking (a newcomer, an indirect competitor, etc.)?

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In the Land of Magazine Editing

There are plenty of things that can be said in writing, in fact, that is the only time machine we really have (although it only works when traveling to the past). Knowledge, theories, traditions and statements are passed down to us from generation to generation through writing even if we never met that person in real life.

Although today, words spread like fire across the world, there is a new problem that affects us all: clutter. Everyone has a different opinion of everything; even research finds itself to be contradicting from time to time. So how do you know what to take seriously and what to throw away? There is no formula. We’re all free to believe what we want to believe, the thing is, what happens when those beliefs start disagreements, wars even?

We can only trust people to be tolerant to different statements to their own. That’s the beauty of diversity. In my city, a city to be well known as an ever growing one and a friendly place to be in, there are still many factors that are cast aways or that are not paid enough attention.

Therefore, in the spirit of crowd journalism and that today, we all have the right and means to be one, a group of friends and myself have started off a small project. Little detail is what I can offer at the moment, for it’s still in the works. My experience as a writer has been (up until this moment) purely individual work, a very personal view of my surroundings. Perhaps group writing will result in something much more profitable (and no, I’m not just talking about money).

Anyway, our main goal is to bring those unexplored aspects of this city out into the open, those that portray innovation, technology and other things that you may already be taking for granted, yet aren’t fully aware of their importance in your every day life. Perhaps there are places (figurative and physical) right next to you, places you haven’t casted an eye on. Might be worth it, you never know.

The overall question is, will people pay attention anyway? Even if they do, in the slightest manner, I would consider our effort to be well reciprocated. Who knows? It might turn out to be forgotten in little time or it might actually make a tiny difference. We’ll see.

Sharing SEO Secrets

SEO is a concept that is today, the key to success on the web, but understood by very few people. So, I decided to write a little bit about it, just to map out the basics in SEO. When you have a webpage, the only way you know it helps your business is how many people contact you because of it. But how do you know that? It’s not like you can go asking everyone you see if they have visited your webpage, how many times, what did they do  in it, did they recommend it, etc.

How do you measure your webpage’s success then? Simple: stats. Most webpages, especially blog pages, have dashboards that show you how many people visited, what they did once they were in, did they share it with their friends, and more importantly, if they generated a profit for you.  Let’s say you have low stats, or just want to inflate them, what to do? You need to optimize it. Not necessarily just make it look prettier or neater, but findable!

Google here, or any other search engine for that matter, becomes either your worse enemy or your best friend. It really is up to you. You need to make the content in your page simple and clear enough so that Search Engines can categorize your webpage as one of the best in its category. Thus, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines “read” your content. The more explanatory and useful your content is, the more highly ranked it is in search results. Who knows? You might end up as the first result out of 8,000 pages full of results. Who would ever go to page 8,000 to look for what they are searching for?

Now, this is only the very basic about SEO. But you should visit SEO Moz for more tips that are related to your line of work. In fact, every Friday this site broadcasts videos called  “White Board Fridays” in which useful tips are broken down on a white board for you.

Go fill that webpage with useful info and be the first among 8,000+ results!

Mixing it all In

As marketing campaigns have diversified over the point that not even Mad Men from the 1960’s would have imagined, the possibilities are endless. It’s how you mix the different communication strategies to build a successful campaign. Still, most people seem to be inclined to continue with traditional advertisement (rather the minority) while innovators insist on web tools being the only reachable and logical way to go. Then come the giants: mixing it all up.

Just like Corona’s latest campaign. First of all, probably the most iconic Mexican beer, has always navigated with it’s Ocean view relaxed person holding a chilled Corona with a lime on top of it. It’s how this particular beer traveled the world. Over the years they’ve tried to change that image, not because of being unsuccessful, quite the contrary: because it was too successful. Executives at Cervecería Modelo wanted a different association, that Corona could also be enjoyed at different occasions.


Now it seems they’ve achieved that with their wholesome Facebook/Times Square campaign. For 15 minutes of fame, all you have to do is Like the Corona Facebook fan page and appear on the big Screen on Times Square by Corona. Reports say that this campaign has brought over 6,000% increase on online users. After all, who wouldn’t want their face recognized in the biggest advertised spot in the world? Who ever said that traditional marketing can’t be friendly with innovative marketing?

The Power of Linkage

The old saying “together we’re stronger” doesn’t just apply to human alliances; after all that’s what SEO and SMO is all about. The simplest yet mostly unknown secret about both methods is plain just simple including links in whatever place you can. Of course, not falling into the spam trap, links should be interesting, not too much, and related to what you are talking about.

Remember good old pop-ups? I don’t know about you, but they used to drive me crazy. If I was about to click somewhere in the webpage I had just opened, there came the annoying interruption. Well, wrong and irrelevant links act pretty much in the same way as those old meaning less windows.

Anyway, once you’ve achieved filling the gaps in your webpage with important links, you go higher on the search results time after time. Then, as more and more people start discovering your web page, then they will link their own to yours by including links of your information in their own webpage. It would be like a double push up the digital ladder. Other advices on how to get easily done SEO on your own include link shortening with the format.

Now, why is all of this relevant? Especially in a non-monetized blog like mine? Because simply put, you put yourself out there in the world to be detected by better, grander ideas. And who knows? You just might be a part of it. It’s not just about smiling to people anymore, they need to see your smile first to like you.