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After a long 30 day wait, with a few misunderstandings about how and when the new iPad mini I had bought online would get to my home, it is finally here. The experience started since the moment I got an e-mail from Apple telling me to check out the new iPhone 5. Anyway, in my mind I had already decided that a longer screen just wouldn’t cut it for me to upgrade my existing iPhone 4s, yet I decided to browse the Apple store.

Once I got in, I knew I had forgotten about the iPad mini, so I clicked on the specs and started browsing through the information. I didn’t have any kind of tablet before this one, although I do have other Apple products; none of them have disappointed me (yet). From holding and using regular iPads belonging to friends of mine, I knew the iPad didn’t really call out for me, but as soon as I learned about the iPad mini, I knew I would get all the Apple benefits in a decent, manageable size. After punching in my credit card number and an engraving, off it went all the way from Hong Kong to my home.


After 30 days, and being told that it would get here via “Global Eagle” [had never heard of them], it finally got here. The set up process was easy and after 30 minutes of poking around and downloading my favorite apps, it was ready and customized for my use.

I have to tell you: I’ve had 48 hours with it and it already has done so much for me and my customers I can’t even tell you the whole story. The speed has no comparison. I’ve been to a couple of meetings and even a start up meet up, people can’t stop looking a it, asking me if they can hold it and poke around; they all agree on one thing: even if they’re not Apple fans, they liked it.

Functionality is great, performance is more than satisfying and the grip is absolutely great. Display is ultra clear. Yet, some apps, like YouTube are not fitted for an iPad (be it a regular or a mini). Is it because of the read-between-the-lines quarrel between Apple & Google? Perhaps, but still, it would be great to have more cooperation between them.

As far as typing, it’s pretty comfortable for a tablet. Battery has lasted a couple of days now (though I’m plugging it in as I type this). Overall, I’m a happy customer with a great purchase. Best of all, I got an early bird iPad mini. Since I bought it online, it got here before it did to stores, so I won’t be crushed in line to pay for the few units they ship over. If you do get one though, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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