Road Tripping

Traveling in any manner is for the most part always very interesting and you never know what surprises – be it good or bad – are going to come your way. On other posts of yours truly you may have seen remarks about other parts of the world that are entirely different from my own culture. However, most recently I had the opportunity to road trip to a near by small town (Tapalpa) only about 2 and a half hours away from where I live.

I’d forgotten all the little things and details about a road trip and how sometimes, the time you spend in the car trying to get to the place is all the same important as the destination itself. Even though these days your iPod can’t fail on the front hooked up to the car radio, there wasn’t much more technology around — all right, our cell phones LoL-. So, pretty much, no GPS available. We got lost along the way, and we stopped every now and then to ask if we were going on the right direction.

The people who were at the side of the road appeared to have their whole lives settled exactly next to all the people who commute either for pleasure or other reasons between places. They seem to have seen so many different things in their time on those roads right in front of them. I could hear them say under their breath “city tourists, who knows what they’ll do” and laughed with each other. Instead of taking it the wrong way, I couldn’t help but to laugh with them about us.

So singing songs, the old classics, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “You’re my Wonder Wall” and so on, we finally made it thanks to people’s help. We got out of the car, stretched our legs and went in a medium cabin for the weekend. As we went on the other side of the cabin, we saw it: why road trips are worth our while.

Citizen of the World

You’ve probably seen this video circle the net a few times already, if not check it out “Where the hell is Matt?” is an entertaining, put-a-smile-in-your-face, single handed movement that reminds us that there are no distances too great, no missions too difficult on this planet.

I swear, as you dive into the video itself, you start getting goose pumps. You see the different scenarios, the people around him, their reactions, the conditions he dances in. Matt doesn’t actually speak in the video, he just stands there are dances the same dance around the world. He’s still himself no matter where he is. He crosses the globe not losing his identity, his essence. Countries don’t make people, people make countries. So really, globalization may be referred to in a business or technological world. But globalization also means that you and me, we’re citizens of the world first. We’re human beings. We are still ourselves in any point on the planet. Welcome to Earth my friends, be proud of it.

Morning Coffee… or 24/7?

Many people I know, in fact, most of the people I’ve ever come into contact with drink some type of coffee. OK, I’ll cut some slack here; it’s also true that there are many others that barely touch a cup of java in days or weeks. But let’s stick to the coffee drinkers for now.

Hello, I’m this blogger you’re reading and I’m a coffee addict. (Insert community chanting all at the same time “Hi, this blogger we’re reading!). Yes, guilty as charged. Every morning I need to have my cup of coffee, regardless if I go to work, school or just stay at home. At campus, all the people that know me, know that a 7-eleven or Grande Starbucks cup will be in my right hand if I have class before noon. When I’m at work, I visit the coffee room many a times before noon as I can. It’s funny though, if and when people don’t see me with this accessory, they start asking, “are you feeling all right?” It’s a habit I’ve even passed on to some of my classmates. Hail for the morning waker!

I honestly can’t tell how bad this habit is compared to other individuals, but oh how I love it! How bad is your own habit? Anyway, not all seems to be bad about the substance. It’s a diuretic and a natural antioxidant; moves your digestive system around as well. Next time you go in and grab a cup of java, think of it and enjoy!

Interconnectivity: At-one-ment

In “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown ( there’s this brief yet very interesting remark about the word “Atonement”. The author splits the word and makes a lot of sense of it: “At-one-ment”. Everything comes to be one. In this day and age, what isn’t interconnected? Social networks have closed this gap to unimaginable proportions. Ever heard of the 6 degrees of separation theory? (,,sid9_gci932596,00.html#) In my own personal opinion, if this was true back in the day when they came up with the theory, today that gap can be even tighter.

It’s amazing how I personally meet people every day, whom I had never seen before and how we have so many people in common, so many opinions, places, commonalities at large. Is this due to technology? Is it something far greater? We may be over 6 billion people on this planet, but we have so much more binding us together than we could possibly think or know of. Who knows who might actually be connected to? You may have PR you didn’t know of, who knows? One day you might find out… in a not so far a future.

Photos= Immortality

I would disagree somewhat to the overused phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s so much more than that. To me, a picture is the immortality of the moments you spend on this planet and the people you spend them with. In a vast majority, pictures are taken in celebrations or moments that change the course of history. For the time being, I’m referring to the pictures you take everyday, on special occasion with your people.

Who invented the digital camera? Let me go hug that person. Not that film rolls were bad at all, but digital cameras have given us a whole new meaning to colloquial photography. It gives you the opportunity to take a ridiculous number of pictures of anything from a tiny event to the world series if you will. It gives you the power to take the moments you love the most and keep them safe with you. How long will they stay there in your computer/device? Will you print them? And if so, how long after you have left this planet will they remain? They will carry your name and anecdotes, your message and your very being to the planet for ages to come.

People and future generations will know what you meant, what you left for them in this planet. What is your message to them? What do you want to immortalize?

When Automation Goes Too Far

How many encounters do you have with technology on a daily basis? I don’t mean public technology such as street lights, freeways, stuff like that; I mean your computer, your iPod, LCD screens, smart phones, etc. How many times? Let’s have a little experiment and describe what would come to be an ordinary day in anyone’s life (people with access to technology).

You wake up in the morning when the alarm on your cell phone goes off. The alarm is probably a song you downloaded to your phone. You get up, and if you are a real coffee lover, coffee’s already there waiting for you if you have an automatic drip set up. Let’s say you don’t and you pick up your coffee on the way or at the office/school. Let’s skip over to when you arrive at school/work. You open anything that has access to a WiFi connection (cell phone, laptop, desktop). You surf Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, (a certain blog if you know what I mean).

If you have WiFi on your cell, then you’re doomed. You’re hooked on it all day long, checking status updates, emails and what not. You come home after a  long day and turn on your flat screen TV with a satellite signal. You fix yourself a microwave dinner or you order in on your wireless phone.

All this was a quick glimpse. I skipped a zillion other details anyone could have. Let’s go back to the eternal connection on the phone. Believe it or not, I’ve chatted with people on MSN who are sitting right next to me. Does that dehumanize us? Does all that turn us into robots or heartless beings? How much is too much? I’ll say, I wake up every morning and feel human. I love, laugh, sweat, cry, fight, hug, everything. People are still around me.

Will there be a day in which I wake up and not know what it is to do all that? May be, just maybe one day in the future that could happen; but from where I’m standing, I see a lot of laughter, hugs, tears, and heartbeats coming our way. Some other generation will worry about it, still being our future as society, it IS OUR problem.

Remember, technology is just a means, not an end. Smile every day, breathe in and remember, you are still you, you are still human. Try to keep it that way.

From Student to Life

Was there an exact point in time where you noticed you were going from just a student to when the world started to appear everywhere around you? All of a sudden your obligation are much more than handing in papers, keeping your nose clean, and going out as much as you can.

You turn around for a split second and people who were students just like you, find themselves working, too tired to go out, looking forward to different things they did only a short period of time ago. You find yourself in the same situation, even planning things in advanced because now is the beginning of your grown up life. Now all the shots get called by you. You decide where you want to live, what job to have, if you want a master’s and where.

You find yourself having new obligations and visions about the future; wants for yourself. The egg shell around you is no more; it broke long ago. So what now? That’s the scariest yet the most thrilling part: you’ll figure it out.

Aftermath: Jetlag and Other Demons

With 22 years living on this planet and being lucky enough to have seen 18 countries until this day (hopefully the number rises with the years to come) every trip has its particular taste; more importantly, it has its own particular aftermath, be it good or bad.

Just got back from a 6 week trip to Argentina. My plane landed at 830am at my home town and oh God did I sleep the whole day after that. Am I getting that old? I’ll tell you what… it doesn’t matter… I’d do it all over again even with the extreme post-exhaustion.

To have tasted Alfajores, Beef like no place else, pasta, wine, (gaining 2kg in the process) walking the streets of Buenos Aires, knowing its people, living soccer fever like never before, dancing, screaming, living! Don’t cry for me Argentina!! The truth is I never left you!! Oh but it was a glimpse, one I will never let go. Although it seems I still need to oversleep for at least 3 more days (doesn’t sound that bad, eh?)

Where will the winds take me next?

FeverPitch: Soccer

Every four years is like the world goes crazy. Today, instead of going to work at my usual schedule, I was, shall we say, obliged to go see the inaugural world cup game. My boss comes over and asks, are you coming in tomorrow? (today) I was about to say yes, it’s just another game (obviously not a soccer fan), my class mate/project partner kicks into the conversation and says, “we could come in earlier and leave to see the game, then come back later”. I whiplashed a look on him, earlier??? Yes, earlier. They all seemed to be satisfied with the idea, and so here I am, awake an hour earlier to see the game.

Then I realized, it’s not so much the game. When you look at people’s faces while they watch the screen… priceless. That moment when they hold their breath before a goal… priceless. An hour early to work… priceless to see all that. Let’s go!

Tango vs. Mariachi

Latinoamerica de punto a punto. Ellos dicen que somos el patio trasero del big brother y nosotros que son unos engreidos. Y que creen? Los dos tenemos razon. Pero… Seremos el patio trasero, pero tenemos la amabilidad que, hasta ahorita y mi poca o vasta experiencia en el mundo, nadie nos iguala. Y ellos, seran asi, pero por una sola cosa: pasion por absolutamente todo lo que hacen.

Llevo tres dias aqui y ya me he dado cuenta que son los mas apasionados y orgullosos sobre la tierra. Llamese futbol, gente, politica, trabajo, es increible vivir asi todos los dias. Se pelean en las calles por defender sus opiniones, pero al final se dan un abrazo como si nada hubiera pasado.

El punto norte de lationoamerica, tiene mucho y nada en comun con el punto sur. Son dos paletas de un mismo idioma que poco se conocen uno al otro y que valdria la pena cerrar ese espacio entre nosotros. Valiendo la pena hacerlo yo por mi cuenta 🙂 pero y los demas?

Se los recomiendo, que tenemos mucho que aportarnos uno al otro.