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We’re living in an era in which the “there’s an app for that” jingle is one of the statements that can best describe it. Almost anything you can think of is served, assisted or solved by an app. Of course, there is no app yet than can properly feed you just yet. For all things logical though, our life has been simplified by tiny squares visible across our screens.

Now, after the burst of the internet bubble at the beginning of the millenium, and of course the exponential rise of tech start ups around the globe, people have started to pay closer and more serious attention to this industry. Hardly any other industry can take the promise of the American dream to reality that fast: become rich in just a few years. It sounds too good, it’s almost as a 21st century gold rush. However rich people may have become “overnight” thanks to this industry, it certainly does not go about like watching rain fall from the sky: “Do not expect the results you haven’t worked for”.

The hard truth is that only one among a few start ups or ideas are well planned out and attractive enough for investors to even look at them. There’s an unimaginable amount of work throughout the entire process. Coming up with an idea that can be worth millions of dollars is the easy part. After that, mark my words, it’s heavy lifting until you can see clear skies and plump apples hanging from your idea tree.

Most people seem to ignore that and just think that by coming up with the next best thing – quoting from a very peculiar fellow I met once – Google, or any other tech giant for that matter, will come up with pockets full of cash to exchange it for that “next best thing”. If I had a dollar for every person that has thought about developing a restaurant directory or foodie experience app… You’d be surprised by how many people think that by coming up with that idea alone, they will become the next Instagram or Facebook. Interestingly enough, most people that “come up” with this idea, aren’t in any way technologically prepared either in skill or knowledge to develop an app like that. Of course, if they did, they wouldn’t think that a good idea at all. It’s all “fool’s gold” I’ve heard it be said a number of times.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not looking at them from under my nose, rather I think there’s a gigantic knowledge gap between people that develop these things and people who use them. It’s a compromise we should take as to narrow the gap as much as possible. Take the iPhone for example. A lot of people buy it and even commit to paying a lot of money for an iPhone, yet they don’t use it for anything else other than text messaging and answering phone calls. I know, the iPhone, as well as many other smartphones, were designed not to have an instruction manual read before use, but rather for it to be so simple under your touch, that you’ll slowly learn the tricks about it and use it as a proper tool for whatever it is you do. But then again, what may be obvious to some, isn’t at all for others.

As for other more basic things that we take for granted, other people that are not at all involved in technology or digital strategy know about websites and social media and are interested in investing in them as strategies for their business, yet don’t know what to do with them or how to profit for them. There are professionals like myself that make our living out of designing the proper strategies for these elements for succeed. Yet one thing is to design an appropriate digital strategy for a brand, another is for the brand owner to be completely clueless about anything digital. Which is why our job is not only to design appropriate strategies, but to narrow the gap between what we take for granted and the things that are standing on people’s blind spot.

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