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Knowing how your keywords rank is not enough. It is also very necessary to know how your brand, client, site, or product comes up against competitors. MozPro gives you a great way to track up to three of your competitors. But what if you have more than three competitors or sites you want to track? More importantly, what if you want to see who else is ranking (a newcomer, an indirect competitor, etc.)?

Although Moz has a rank tracker research tool that allows you to see how any given domain or site ranks for a certain keyword, it only lets you track one keyword at a time. You also must already know what domain or site you wish to track.

So, during one of my research stints, I decided I wanted to know who else was showing up on SERPs for a couple of clients. I found RankTank. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a complete Moz junkie. That said, SEOs are only as good as the tools they use and analyze.

RankTank is an open source tool for SEOs. In fact, they brag about having over 10 million users. They have great learning materials, spreadsheets, and other tools for free. But the one tool that really got my attention was their Rank Checker Tool.

This is a very cool Google Sheet that you can download for free. You can then paste a list of keywords (I have pasted up to 50 keywords but they have room for a lot more), and then type in the domain you want to check. You can also choose the region and language.

The best part is that it shows you who ranks above and below you for each keyword. This way you can learn about new competitors or sites you hadn’t thought of before. Also, you can see who ranks # 1, and how your meta description shows up. In other words, you can check your own site for a list of keywords and discover new¬†competitors.

Bonus: If you have a SEMrush account, it will let you type in your user API key so you can also get search volume for each keyword. Happy tracking!

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  1. Hey! I would also recommend SerpStat. It costs 20 $ – almost free, but much better than free tools, really worth paying. Just my opinion, hope it’ll help someone
    Thanks for your article btw

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