How kept sending my e-mails to the trash can

The issue

As many of you out there I’m sure, at one point my inbox was being flooded with unrequited newsletters, promotions, and other alerts. I was spending way too much time trying to unsubscribe from all of them one at a time. Then, I found

This great service “rolls up” all of your periodical e-mails in a single daily message. It also helps you unsubscribe from any other services that you’re not interested in. For almost two years, this had been the answer to at least 30 unread, unsolicited e-mails in my inbox by noon every day.

Then I started noticing that some confirmation e-mails and other important notifications were being sent straight to my g-mail trash can. I tried everything: singling out e-mails to send them back to my inbox, only to be automatically sent to the trash can again; I checked my filters and deleted them all; nothing was working.

Finally, the answer was waiting for me on a Google product forum thread. It was’s doing all along. I immediately logged into the site and deleted my account. Ever since then, I get my regular notifications in my inbox. Yes, it’s still a pain to have to manually unsubscribe from endless newsletters, but at least the messages I care about are safe.

The moral of the story as a growth hacker

I really don’t know how their adoption/growth is doing. All I know, as a user, is that is a fantastic product that unclutters your inbox. They just have this pretty annoying flaw.

It seems that this problem is not new though, it’s been happening for a while now (if you clicked on the Google forum conversation, notice it’s from 2014). Has anyone else complained about this directly to them? Has done anything about it?

If they haven’t, this clearly can affect their user adoption, or just scare off loyal users.

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